Thursday, January 14, 2010


Aaaaannnnnnnndddddd....I'm back.
This week. Success. Minimal tears. I could count them on one hand! Lilly knew what a hard week I had last week. So she bundled up some surprises. She musta thought to herself,

"awww shucks, I lovvvez my mommee. Ima give hur prezentzus. Furst, ah will laf and geeggle."

Yes, people I have a giggler. AMAZING!! She's a little odd. She laughs at things I don't find particularly funny, like Lady Gaga's "just dance" song and when she's getting her bootie wiped. But when I'm doing downright hilarious things like jumping up and down and talking like Dora Explorer on Speed, not a peep. That Lilly. That Lilly. So the giggles happened Monday. Then came Tuesday.

Then....and THEN....THENN!!!!!! She rolled over! Ohmigoodness! Belly to back. Belly to back. You know before Lilly
(I will call this my BL era)
I coulda literally cared less about the little baby milestones. Awesome, your kid pulled up. Pin a rose on your advanced kid's nose. Cool, rice cereal. Neato. But now.....WOAH!!! LITERALLY EARTH SHATTERING!!!!! Scott and I both witnessed the Great Roll of 2010 and screamed and whoohooed. Out loud. Really loud. and I immediately called my parents. The girl rolled over and you woulda thought she found a calorie free limeade the way we were acting. (Okay, maybe by the way I was acting.)

So Thank You Lilly! You have brought me outta my teaching-guilt-filled-abandoning-my-child-funk! This week has been easier and picking her up from daycare is my FAVORITE part of my day. I'm back in photo-snapping mode and I'm DYING to get a giggle and roll on camera. I'm working on try #7 on the rolling thing. She's a tad camera shy.

Anyway, gone are the days of leaving her on the ottoman and walking away. I must improve my parenting skills. Cause this chick is goin' places.

If you think this smile is should hear the giggle. :)


  1. Yay! You're back! I'm so glad! P.S. Lilly = cutest little girl ever! I can't wait to see the giggling!

  2. Hey! That chick of yours is adorable! How do you make those cute little collages? on Picnik?

  3. Oh gotcha! That's what I was afraid of! I tried to do one without subscribing and it was lame! Thanks for the info!