Monday, January 25, 2010

Left a good job in the cit-tay....

My baby rolls....aww yea! I have been trying FOR-EV-UURRR to get this on video. For some reason I have this belief that if I don't get moments like these on tape, it means they don't exist. So...because I'm a little looney, I've been trying annnnnnnnnnnnd trying to get it. And BOO YA! I got it. Well HALF of it. She rolled to her side from her belly and hung out there for a while noming on her hands. In super speed I sprinted for the camera and was able to catch the last half. See...she rolls and I got it on video. It exists. I'm awesome but Lilly is awesomer...because she rolls.


  1. YAY!!! Cute video... and can I express my secrect squeals about all the polka dots involved?! :) OMGEEE, I <3 polka dots!!!:p

  2. sooooo cute!!!!!! you guys are so funny. i laugh every time i read one of your posts because i can generally hear you saying each and every word that you type. :-) hope you are having a great week.