Saturday, January 23, 2010

I figured out how to have a cutesy font. I felt like super HTML lady. Thennnnn... I got over zealous and tried to investigate how to make a three column blog. Bye bye fonts.

This blog is officially UNDER CONSTRUCTION.


  1. hey! i make all of my kids bows :) i know i know...crafty crafty. I use to sell them and then stopped when i got pregnant with myllah. Anyways..i would make you one or 2, whatever you want...but i need to know soon so you can have them by her pics this weekend!! or i know von maur has some but they are SUPER expensive (actually the pink flower that myllah is wearing in one of the photos is form there, we got it as a gift...but it was $15!! crazy!!!) they also have headbands and bows. So if you don't want to wait you can try there! been on there?! Amazing site, all handmade stuff...and have TONS of headbands and bows. Let me know if you want me to make you pressure just thought i would offer since i have a ton of ribbon left!

  2. email me here, so we don't have to talk over this :) I can do the pink one, but the white one i don't have the skinny headband in, so it would have to be a thicker white headband with a white bow. Just email me and we can talk further and i can get your address so i can send them to you! oh and each bow band would be $5. let me know if you still want them!!