Sunday, January 17, 2010

My daughter might suffer from identity confusion...

Lilly.Lilly Claire. Lilly Bear. Claire Bear. Bear. Beenie. Stinky. Stink Butt. Stinkers. Sweetie. Sweetie Pie. Baby Girl. Baby Lilly. Little Lilly. Wittle Willy. Little Lilly Willy. Punkin. Punkin Pie. Punky Poo. Punkin Doodle. Lil. Lil Lil. Lilly Bug. Bug. Buggers. Babe. Babers. Lilly Babers.

"My name is whaaa??"


  1. AWWWWW your list was def what we all go through! your blog caught my name's laura w/a lily! :o) you've got a new follower

  2. We have lots of nn's for Lillian too! And Claire is our #2 name choice for a girl :) If we have another girl.